Thursday, May 26, 2016

WWE Predictions:Money In The Bank 2016 (May 26 edition)

WWE Prediction:2016 Money In the Bank May Edition Photo:WWE Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns
(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)

this match will be awsome....Seth Rollins Never Lost his title. He was injured at live event of dublin.... He was forced to vacant His title. No he makes his great return In Exteream Rule PPV with attacking Roman Reigns. I belive that this match will be awesome. Many of Wrestling Fan now hate Roman.....And WWE have to change plan. So I think Seth Rollins is best choice. but I think Seth Rollins Can win by DQ. because I think Aj Style can attck both Seth Rollins and Roman.......but there is no chance to cash in MITB. because only Kane is one person who cashed in MITB at same time......
Winner:Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose vs Sami zayn vs Kevin Owens vs Y2J vs Alberto Del rio vs TBD
(★Ladder Match for MITB)

This match can be best match of the year. Good Wrestlers like Y2J who is the father of MITB..He give WWE a plan for MITB....But He never win this Contract....but this time he can win.
Winner:Chiris Jerchio Aka Y2J

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